Our Leaders


Elder Eugene Carson and Pastor Janice M. Carson have served Greater Works Christian Ministries Church with integrity, compassion, and the love of God. For thirteen years they have been faithful to God while serving His beloved people. They are humble servants who are blessed by God. They are both privileged to teach, preach, feed, clothed, visit the sick and set the captives free. They love God with all of their hearts and souls and have demonstrated it by their care of God’s people. They are faithful and obedient servants who have been called by God for such a day and time in the twentieth-first century to advance the kingdom of God.




 Our Pastor


Pastor Janice Marie Carson was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She has been actively involved in the church since her childhood. She is the eldest of seven siblings. She is a retired Speech Pathologist from the Detroit Public School district where she worked for thirty years.


Pastor Carson has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Michigan State University and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Michigan. She received the Master of Divinity degree from Ashland Theological Seminary. Pastor Carson has been prepared, trained, and equipped to minister to the needs of God’s people.


Pastor Carson has served as Christian Education Director and has conducted workshops, spiritual retreats, and seminars. She has preached and evangelized in South Africa, Jamaica, throughout the United States and within the Detroit metropolitan area. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Sienna Literacy Center, which is located at Christ the King Parish in Detroit, Michigan.


God called Reverend Janice M. Carson to pastor, plant, and organize Greater Works Christian Ministries on November 17, 2002. She has served faithfully, the beloved people of Greater Works Christian Ministries for the past eleven years. It is her passion to advance the kingdom of God on earth by setting free the sick, the lost, and hurting people within the greater metropolitan area and worldwide. She has a heart for the youth and is always motivating, encouraging, and challenging them to strive for excellence. She is a caring and endearing person who shares her talents and skills unselfishly to enhance the body of Jesus Christ.


Pastor Carson and her husband, Elder Eugene Carson have been married for forty-two years. Their son, Reverend Tiate L. E. Carson, Daughter-in-law, Reverend Arlise S. Carson, are members of The Greater Allen Cathedral in New York. They are the proud grandparents of granddaughters Bria Arianna, and Imani Arielle Carson. Their daughter, Minister Dr. Sharice J. Blalock, PT, D.P.T. is a Physical Therapist and Son-in-law, La Var Blalock is a Sr. Windows Engineer. Their third granddaughter, Hannah Aleatha Blalock is a new addition to the family. Most importantly, Pastor Janice M. Carson serves the people of God with love, humility, and Holy Ghost power to the glory of God.